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24 The Artist in Hiding After the move to Harrow, Thomas Anthony's life ran down in a series of tragic absurdities. He quarrelled with Meetkerke, who married a young girl and produced his own heirs, an ironical turn of events not unlike the plot of one of his son's novels. The blow made a congenitally unhappy man even more gloomy, and as events were to turn out father and son were thrown into more uncomfortable proximity. Anthony's two elder brothers were day boarders at Harrow and missed some of the discomforts Anthony endured.

355; 634, p. 359). , Trollope maintained his output of fiction, leaving at his death, besides the unfinished Landleaguers, the manuscripts of An Old Man's Love (published 1883) and the Autobiography (also published 1883). Writing was still a passion and a drug. 'My only doubt as to finding a heaven for myself at last,' he once wrote to Alfred Austin, 'arises from the fear that the disembodied and beautified spirits will not want novels' (484, pp. 285-6). It struck hini also that to be deprived of hunting would be equally disappointing, and dreamed of an elysium where hunting lasted twelve months of the year.

P. written after his name. No selection from the alphabet, no doctorship, no fellowship, be it of ever so learned or royal a society, no knightship,- not though it be of the Garter,confers so fair an honour. 71 If he was a man who wanted public esteem, he was also one who craved to serve society. Writing to Sir Arthur Helps in January 1869, he rather wistfully compared his own role with that of the distinguished clerk of the privy council : With me, it often comes to me as a matter, I will not say of selfreproach but of regret, that I can express what I wish to express only by the mouths of people who are created- not that they may express themselves, but that they may amuse.

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