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By Titu Cusi Yupanqui, Ralph Bauer

ISBN-10: 0870818074

ISBN-13: 9780870818073

On hand in English for the 1st time, An Inca Account of the Conquest of Peru is a firsthand account of the Spanish invasion, narrated in 1570 by means of Diego de Castro Titu Cusi Yupanqui—the penultimate ruler of the Inca dynasty—to a Spanish missionary and transcribed by way of Titu Cusi's mestizo secretary.

Titu Cusi tells of his father's maltreatment by the hands of the Spaniards; his father's resulting army campaigns, withdrawal and homicide; and his personal succession as ruler. This shiny narrative illuminates the Incan view of the Spanish invaders and gives a big account of local peoples' resistance, lodging, swap, and survival within the face of the Spanish conquest.

Ralph Bauer's amazing translation, annotations, and creation provide serious context and historical past for an entire figuring out of Titu Cusi's instances and the importance of his phrases. Co-winner of the 2005 Colorado Endowment for the arts ebook Prize.

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Especially some of the glosses over native Andean cultural concepts are unequivocally the marks of his interventions and impositions. One example is the account of Atahuallpa’s sensitive reaction toward Vicente de Valverde’s fateful presentation of — 41— INTRODUCTION the breviary as the result of the Inca’s lingering annoyance with the Spaniards’ disregard for his offer of a ceremonial drink. Marcos García translates Titu Cusi’s Quechua account like this: “My uncle, still offended by the wasting of the chicha (which is how we call our drink) took the letter (or whatever it was) and threw it down” (p.

Finally, the early seventeenth- — 19— INTRODUCTION century Huarochirí Manuscript, written by an anonymous Andean probably recruited by the Spanish priest Francisco de Avila, begins by stating, “If the ancestors of the people called Indians had known writing in former times, then the lives they lived would not have faded from view until now. As the mighty past of the Spanish Vira Cochas is visible until now, So too would theirs be” (Huarochirí Manuscript, 41). ” Unlike the Native non-alphabetical quipu, which still required oral transmission, European writing represented and appeared to act as a “substitute of speech,” thus placing knowledge outside the human body (Classen, 127).

Por la parte de Antisuyu entraron Antallca y Ronpa Yupangui y otros muchos, los quales acabaron de çercar el çerco que a los españoles les pusieron. (ff 167) — 29— INTRODUCTION Similarly, certain plot elements establishing causal connections are at times rendered as a sequence of three repetitions. Thus, the plot line leading up to Manco Inca’s rebellion is structured into the narration of him being taken captive and abused by the Spaniards three times. Although it is possible, of course, that this narrative sequence merely followed the actual course of historical events, I have not found any other sixteenth-century versions that present Manco Inca’s decision to rebel as the result of a distinctly three-partite sequence of captivities.

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