New PDF release: Amplitude/phase patterns in dynamic scintigraphic imaging

By Axel Bossuyt

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Traditional nuelear medieine proeedures learn the dis tribution of radiolabelled eompounds (radiopharmaeeutieals) within the physique less than physiologieal in addition to lower than pathologieal eonditions. Beeause in their skill to visua lise and to quantify the distribution of radiopharmaeeuti eals in the physique by way of exterior deteetors, nuelear medieine teehniques are basieally non invasive and funetion orientated. The spatial edition of the traeer distribution within the box of view, or the ehange in distribution in the course of a time period are interpreted as representing speeifie phy siologie or pathophysiologie approaches. As eompared to different diagnostie imaging teehniques, the spatial answer of seintigraphie pictures is quite terrible, their temporal resolu tion is nice. Faetors that would as a result make certain the last word diag nostie price of a seintigraphie research inelude 1. The speeifieity of the labelled eompounds for the method lower than learn, 2. The solution in time and house of the instrumentation, and its skill of measuring quantitatively tissue aetivity eoneentrations, three. The formula of physiologieal or pathophysiologieal versions from whieh the distribution of the traeer ean be predieted. 2 whereas examining nuclear drugs information, the interrelations among those components should still completely stay below consi deration. The generalised use of minicomputers has led to significant advances in info processing in nuclear drugs imaging strategies. significant to this is often snapshot digitisation.

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Transit time measurements in control group. Age so 28 28 29 19 61 RO VI ST LA Legend Sex male ; F = Female flex. = neck flexion. M = M M M F M TT(sec) ext. flex. 0 ext. = neck extension 24 In the five patients with substernal goiter TTs were significantly prolonged with neck extension as compared to the normals. Since no systematic differences were observed in flow pattern or TT between patients with and without superior vena cava syndrome, their results are considered together in table 2. 5 to 9 s, 2 patients had a TT within the normal range because venous flow was unimpeded on one of the two sides.

In Thereafter, blood flow induced to by Valsalva the whole procedure was repea ted as described above, with the subject's neck 45 degrees flexed by positioning a pad under his head. 22 From the original images a series of 24 successive images was selected starting with the first image on which both bolusses were visualised in the gamma camera field of view. After preprocessing by a 9 point spatial smoothing and a time smoothing with kernel (1,2,1), the image series was used for the amplitude and calculation phase of max, functional tmax, images.

1982. Cardiac image processing using an array processor. In: Digital Imaging Clinical Advances in Nuclear Medicine. D. ) 153. 19. P. 1982. Decomposi tion of the informa tion content of first harmonic phase images. ) 46. 20. , Geffers H. et al. 1979. Synchronised steady state heart investigation. In : Proc. Inter. Symp. Fundamentals in Technical Progress. Pavel. , Lam W. et al. 1981. J. Nucl. Med. 22, P4. 22. , Pellois A. 1975. Cardiac functional imaging from cinescintigraphic data. In : Information Processing in Scintigraphy.

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