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Rarely would the Vikings destroy an entire settlement, and the reason is simple; they wanted to come back and do it again! Raiding was a job for young impetuous men – but it was not the main focus of life in early Medieval Scandinavia. It is this message that we convey at every opportunity here at Jorvik Viking Centre. 41 William the Conqueror Discover how incredible battlefield courage and brutal treatment of his enemies led the bastard of Normandy to become king of England of several powerful Norman magnates, it did not n 5 January 1066, King Edward take long before he became Duke Robert I.

Navigation Oarports These were holes for the oars that ran along the entire length of the ship on both sides. The holes would also be used to tie shields in place, but only when the ships were in port as the risk of losing their vital protection while the ship was in motion was too great. Before some of the greatest explorers in history were born, Vikings had already navigated their way around the world. But with no compasses, satellites or radios, how did this tribe of Scandinavians manage to map the globe so impressively?

Oars were usually used to gain speed quickly when near a coast or in a river, then stored out of place when out at sea. This rudder-like oar, also known as a ‘steerboard’, was attached to the back of the ship on the starboard side. It was used to steer the ship and would require a large amount of physical exertion compared to modern alternatives. The position of the ‘steerboard’ is where the term ‘starboard’ originated from. Keel for strength The keel of the ship would be made first and provided the ship with strength beneath the waterline, while also allowing navigation in shallow waters.

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