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By Ann Weil

ISBN-10: 1562546503

ISBN-13: 9781562546502

To be used IN faculties AND LIBRARIES basically. A compilation of actual tales of a number of air mess ups.

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33 Was it safe to cross the mountains? He couldn’t stay another day in Argentina. He was flying a Uruguayan military plane. They were not allowed to stay in Argentina for more than one day. Flying over the Andes is challenging. The weather can change suddenly. Some of the mountains are very tall. They are too high to fly over. So planes fly through mountain passes. Many planes make the trip safely. They use modern equipment. The military plane was equipped with the latest instruments. The pilot decided to fly through one of the passes.

It was invisible from the air. 39 Another player, Nando Parrado, was knocked unconscious when the plane crashed. When he woke up, he heard some very bad news. Roberto told him that his mother had died in the crash. His sister was barely hanging onto life. Nando tried to keep his sister warm. But she died, too. Bad weather kept them huddled inside for days. An avalanche had smashed their shelter. Several of the surviving players were killed, including the team captain, Marcelo Perez. Still, no help had arrived.

You’re afraid you’ll freeze to death in your sleep. Worst of all, there’s nothing to eat. This is what happened to a group of South American Rugby players and their families. They chartered an airplane. They wanted to go from Uruguay to Chile. 5 hours. But their plane crashed into the Andes Mountains. Their ordeal lasted 72 days. Fun and Games The plane left Carasco airport in Uruguay. The first hours of the flight were uneventful. Most of the players were in their late teens and early twenties.

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