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By Garth Callender

ISBN-10: 1863957383

ISBN-13: 9781863957380

A very Australian tale of heroism and healing.

In 2004 Garth Callender, a junior cavalry officer, was once deployed to Iraq. He speedy discovered his ft prime convoys of armoured automobiles throughout the streets of Baghdad and into the desolate tract past. yet one morning his workforce used to be special in a roadside bomb assault. Garth grew to become Australia’s first critical casualty within the war.

After improving from his accidents, Garth again to Iraq in 2006 as second-in-command of the Australian Army’s protection detachment in Baghdad. He chanced on a urban within the grip of a emerging insurgency. His unit needed to cope with missile assaults, suicide bombers, and the loss of life through misadventure of 1 in their personal, inner most Jake Kovco.

In 2009, Garth volunteered once again – to steer a guns intelligence workforce in Afghanistan. He was once helicoptered to blast zones within the aftermath of assaults, and labored to spot the rebel bomb-makers responsible.

There are few intimate, shiny bills of Australians at struggle in Iraq and Afghanistan. it is a publication written by way of a soldier in his personal voice, shooting the pivotal stories of provider within the Australian military. Revealing, relocating, humorous and whole of drama, Garth Callender’s tale is different.

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