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The yield of levoglucosan (6) depends on the reaction conditions and the kind and purity of the initial, raw materia1,7~12~172,178,182,187-’g2, (202) I. Mutti and A. Montalti, Ann. Chim. , 17, 188-196 (1927); Chem. , 21,2381 (1927). (203) D. Tishchenko and T. Fedorishchev, Zh. PrikZ. , 26,393-396 (1953). (204) R. F. , and E. Pacsu, Chem. Eng. , 2,83-88 (1957);Chem. , 52, 3327 (1958). (205) 0. P. Golova and R. G. Krylova, Dokl. Akad. Nauk S S S R , 116,419421 (1957). (206) 0. P. Golova, A. M. Pakhomov, and E.

Martin, Biochemistry, 8, 389-393 (1969). (148) N. Baggett and R. W. Jeanloz,J. Org. , 28, 18451847 (1963). (149) N . Baggett, P. J . Stoffyn, and R. W. Jeanloz,]. Org. , 28, 1041-1044 (1963). 38 MILOSLAV CERNY A N D JAN STANEK, JR. 5. Thermal Degradation of Polysaccharides, Oligosaccharides, and Hexoses Levoglucosan (6)is one of the thermal-degradation products of cellulose, cellulose-like materials, wood, and polysaccharides containing Dglucose as a building unit. It is formed in various proportions, depending on the degradation conditions, including combustion.

16*17 Neither the 1,6-anhydrohexopyranosesnor the corresponding furanoses occur naturally; as they have been isolated from natural sources, however, they must have been formed as secondary products from hexoses or their derivatives during the isolation process. 1]0ctanes,~*-~~ which the 1,5-dimethyl18and exo-7-ethyl-5-methyl derivativeslS occur in the aggregation pheromones of the western-pine bark-beetle. Levoglucosan as the degradation product of cellulose and celluloselike materials is at least partially responsible for flaming combustion, which may be important in the spreading of firesz2(for a review, see Ref.

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