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The ACR-700, AHWR and PHWR-540 designs provide for two physically separate, mutually independent trains of safety and plant protection systems, with an auxiliary control room being available in case the main control room becomes unavailable. On an analysis of the description provided for the fourteen NPP designs considered, some generic design approaches to deal with external events, other than those conventionally adopted for most current generation reactors, are identified. These approaches for protection against external missile effects are summarized in Table 4.

This datasheet was subsequently sent to the concerned designers for a review. The datasheets, thus reviewed are provided in APPENDIX II. 3. 1] provides a non-exhaustive list of reference external events usually considered in the design of NPPs. 2, a broad trend for the postulated external events considered in the design of advanced NPPs has been derived. This information is brought out in Table 3. TABLE 3. POSTULATION OF EXTERNAL EVENTS IN THE DESIGN OF SOME ADVANCED NPPS CATEGORY I. Natural Events considered in several plants 5 EXTERNAL EVENT (EE) GROUP NAMES OF NPP DESIGNS IN WHICH NUMBER CONSIDERATION OF SOME PART OF THE EE GROUP IS EXPLICITLY MENTIONED IN THE DATASHEET CONSIDERED OF RELEVANT NPPS Earthquakes APR1400, EPR Finland, VBER-300 13 FNPP5, VVER 91/99, IRIS, PHWR540, ACR-700, SWR 1000, VK-300, ABWR-II, BN-800, AHWR, CHTR Extreme meteorological conditions (temperature, snow, hail, frost, subsurface freezing, drought).

C) The PSA methodologies to deal with external events have not reached the same level of maturity as has been reached for internal events. In particular, in order to deal with several external event scenarios it is desirable to couple the engineering design with PSA.

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