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By Masudul Alam Choudhury

ISBN-10: 1137589469

ISBN-13: 9781137589460

ISBN-10: 1137589477

ISBN-13: 9781137589477

This publication experiences absolutely the truth of the Qur’an, that's signified through the fight of fact opposed to falsehood within the framework of monotheistic harmony of information and the unified world-system precipitated by means of the consilience of information. In this type of framework absolutely the fact finds itself now not through non secular dogmatism. really, the method accurately contains its certain elements. those are particularly the ‘primal ontology’ because the foundational defined axiom of monotheistic solidarity; the ‘secondary ontologies’ as explanatory replications of the legislation of team spirit within the details of the world-system; ‘epistemology’ because the operational version; and ‘phenomenology’ because the structural nature of occasions prompted through the monotheistic legislations, that's through wisdom emanating from the legislation. the approaching method is still the original explanatory reference of all occasions that happen, develop, and alter in continuity throughout continuums of information, area, and time.

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Maslaha) subject to circular causation relations conveying the degree (or otherwise) of the existence of pervasively complementary relations between the variables. The precept in this regard is the induction of representations by (q Î (W,S)) ; and the measurement leading to inferences by the cardinality of q = F(X,t) . e. fitra). 1) establishes the phenomenology of the Qur’anic meaning of sure reality (Qur’an, 69:1–3). A. CHOUDHURY The Qur’anic integral meaning of realism and reality though maintains their causal relationship: [{realism} ◠ {­reality} ¹ f;{realism} È {reality} Í (W,S)] Û {realism « reality}.

This book is thus written essentially to launch the groundwork of the Islamic socio-scientific thought by the absolute reality of the Qur’an. The objective throughout the work is to rigorously invoke the absolute reality of monotheistic law of unity of knowledge, and to advocate that it be included in the annals of scientific advancement as one that would give an independent Islamic worldview to the Islamic nation called the ummah, and to the world of learning at large. Such a study comes at a time when the world’s intellectual and politico-­ economic scene is undergoing profound transformation.

These are thus subject to discursive practice, application, and measurement for empirical purposes. Thereby, the belief in the signs of God (ayath Allah) translates into the understanding of the purpose and objective of the monotheistic law (tawhid). This reasoning in turn yields the purpose and objective of the Islamic law, referred to as maqasid as-shari’ah. Such transformations from one level to another generate the moral and ethical construction of society at large and its socio-scientific intellection.

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