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By Charles Singer et al (eds)

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1918. S. Department o f Agriculture Year Book. United States Government Printing Office. 1940. ’ Department o f Agriculture, New Zealand. 1951. Frauendorfer, S. von. ‘Agrarwirtschaftliche Forschung und Agrarpolitik in Italien. Entwicklung vom 18. ’ Parey, Berlin. 1942. GROWTH OF FOOD PRODUCTION 25 F ussell, G . E. ” Agrie. , 22, 83-95,1948. Idem. ” Econ. , 57, 321-45, 1947. Idem. , 24, 53-73,1948. Idem. , 24, 296-310, 1948. Idem. , 25,159-79, ^949Idem. , 27, 72-^9, 1951. / G oltz, T . a . L . G.

The engine, gearing, and mill were all combined upon the same base to render the equipment movable. fallen to negligible quantities by 1905. It is possible that the trees were planted in unsuitable soil and unskilfully cultivated. Cinchona was an alternative crop but had been abandoned by 1900. T ea had become the new staple. Cocoa, indigenous to tropical America, was grown there and in the West Indies during the second half o f the nineteenth century. T h e plant was intro­ duced to the Gold Coast in 1879, and a further supply was imported by the government in 1887.

Makers o f excellent jams had probably never heard o f pectin, the substance in fruits that causes jams and jellies to set, but they knew by experience the kinds and conditions o f fruits which would make the best jam; and that strawberries and raspberries, however good, usually needed to be fortified with juice obtained by boiling gooseberries or apples. In making their jams, the jam-boilers had nothing to guide them in choosing the right moment to stop boiling, except their observation o f the changes in the appearance o f the jam as it boiled, and the manner in which it dripped from their long-handled metal spoon or skimmer.

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